About Us

About Us

KansasStateCannabis.org is an organization for learning about past, current and emerging trends in the cannabis industry. We provide timely information to help established and intending growers, manufacturers, sellers, and consumers of cannabis and cannabis products understand the current state of the industry. Our data-driven research discusses the journey towards cannabis legalization in Kansas and the current regulatory environment relating to medical and recreational cannabis.

Our chief goal at KansasStateCannabis.org is to make it easier for readers to understand the Kansas cannabis industry and its impact on our state. Towards this end, we strive to educate Kansas about cannabis legislation in the state by explaining current laws, highlighting their limits, discussing their impacts, and providing up-to-date information on how to obtain the licenses required to participate in Kansas’s cannabis marketplace.

We Help…

Consumers Learn about Recreational and Medical Uses of Cannabis

At KansasStateCannabis.org, we care deeply that our readers have the right information to safely use cannabis and cannabis products. Therefore, we help them understand Kansas’s regulations on cannabis usage as well as the state’s age and conditional restrictions. We also help readers know where they can buy cannabis in the state and the quantities they are allowed to legally possess. Consumers requiring medical cannabis will have access to a trove of information regarding medical conditions approved for cannabis therapy in Kansas and how to obtain a medical marijuana card in the state.

Businesses Understand and Navigate Kansas Cannabis Legislation

Establishing the historic context of the legalization of cannabis in Kansas is only the first step in understanding the state’s cannabis legalization. We provide insightful analyses on the current state of cannabis laws in Kansas and the restrictions still placed on the cultivation, distribution, and usage of cannabis in the state. Growers, manufacturers, and dispensary owners will also find the information they need to obtain and maintain the licenses required to establish and grow their cannabis businesses.

Industry Watchers Follow the Socioeconomic Impacts of Legalizing Cannabis in Kansas

As the rest of the country catches up with Kansas’s lead at legalizing recreational and medical cannabis, researchers and policy makers are keen to learn how this is affecting the state’s revenue, crime rate, and public attitude towards cannabis. Our data-focused analyses help industry watchers put Kansas’s cannabis legislation in the right context by highlighting changes in socioeconomic markers before and after the state legalized medical and recreational cannabis.